Volunteer Clearance Process

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Teens Run DC! Please complete the following steps to apply to be a Mentor, Friend, or Run Leader.  

Volunteer Application

All prospective Mentors, Friends, and Run Leaders must complete the volunteer application. Upon completion, you will receive an email providing information about the next phase of the process: the DCPS Volunteer Clearance Process.

DCPS Volunteer Clearance Process & Timeline

All prospective Mentors, Friends, and Run Leaders are required to complete the following DCPS volunteer clearance process prior to volunteering with TRDC:

  • Week 1: TB TEST. Obtain the printed results of a negative TB test taken by you within the last 12 months.
  • Week 1: DCPS Application. Complete the DCPS volunteer online application. It has to be completed in one sitting, so please allow yourself 15 minutes and have the following information on hand: List Kelly Miller MS as your DCPS School Placement. List Teens Run DC as the “Community Based Organization/Program placing you in a DC public school”. List Jen Edmond as the Point of Contact for Teens Run DC (phone: 202-818-8600, ext. 1; email: jen@teensrundc.org).
  • Week 2: Fingerprinting. Report to the DCPS Office of School Security at 1200 First Street NE, 10th Floor to get fingerprinted. The office is open Monday through Thursday from 8AM to 5PM and Fridays from 8AM-3PM on a walk-in basis. Be sure to bring your TB test results and a State issued photo ID with you.
  • Week 3: Submit Clearance Letter. Email your DCPS clearance letter to volunteer@teensrundc.org and keep a copy for your records.

Questions on the DCPS process? Please view our own Clearance Process FAQs page or the official DCPS volunteer application page.

Once you have completed the DCPS clearance process, you will receive an email welcoming you to attend practices as a Friend and explaining the remaining steps it takes to become a Mentor. You are welcome to remain a Friend or continue the process to become a Mentor.

Mandated Reporter Training

The Mandated Reporter online training is required for all TRDC Mentors. Prior to being matched with a mentee, prospective mentors must:

Attend a Mentor Orientation

All prospective mentors must attend a mentor orientation. Friends and run leaders are welcome but not required to attend an orientation. Please check the TRDC calendar for information on upcoming orientations. 

Complete the Mentor Survey & Agreement

All prospective mentors must complete the Mentor Survey & Agreement, which helps to ensure that mentors are matched well with students and that the mentor responsibilities and requirements are clear.

Driving History Clearance

All prospective mentors are required to complete the following prior to becoming a Mentor:

  • Driving Record: Obtain the results of your driving record, during the past five years, from the state where you are currently licensed to operate a motor vehicle. Driving records can be requested on the state’s DMV website. Please email records to volunteer@teensrundc.org or mail them to our administrative office.
  • Proof of insurance: Email a copy of your current/active insurance policy to volunteer@teensrundc.org or mail it to our administrative office.


Visit our Volunteers page for more details on the types of volunteering opportunities available. For other questions, please contact us at volunteer@teensrundc.org.