Saturday Mentoring Program


The Saturday Mentoring program provides an opportunity for students from our school programming, students from other schools in DC, and our volunteers to come together. Teens Run DC offers weekly Saturday practices during the academic school year (approximately mid-August to mid-June). Each youth runner is paired with either a run buddy or an individual mentor who provides support and encouragement, and helps his/her mentee to set and achieve both running-related and life goals .The practices include an icebreaker and team-building activity to help create a sense of community among attendants, a run around DC (mileage ranging from 1 miles to 6/7 miles, depending on interest of youth and ability), and a cool down. One of the most integral components of the Saturday practices are the "Shout Out Circle" at the end of practices, in which volunteers, coaches, and students recognize effort and small victories from the run that day at practice..

Saturday volunteers include both Mentors, who work one-on-one with individual Mentees, and Friends, who support the program more generally. Monthly training sessions are offered to all TRDC Volunteers and are mandatory for Mentors.