Coach Sasha

School: Center City PCS Brightwood

Why TRDC?: I know how tough the preteen and teenage years can be for middle school students. Academic expectations, peer pressures, and hormonal changes are thrust upon youths all at once, making it hard to keep mental, and physical, health a priority. I certainly struggled to define myself at that age, but sports helped me find beauty, strength, determination, and courage within myself, as an athlete. That confidence spilled over into my social and academic worlds. Slowly but surely I began embracing the eccentric quirks I had been so insecure about before. As a coach with Teens Run DC I can help ensure that students start on the path of self love and self acceptance by providing them with a supportive and caring team environment, which all children need, and deserve.

Fun Fact: I love eating lemons!

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Coach Trinette

School: Kelly Miller Middle School

Why TRDC?: I understand the impact that programs such as Teen Run DC can have on the youth. As a child I was a part of a program catered to underprivileged kids and I believe if it was not for the program it is very possible that I could have chosen a different path. I want to be apart of something positive and help others chose the better path.

Fun Fact: I have a daughter with lots of energy!

Coach Sal

School: Cardozo Education Campus

Why TRDC?:

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Coach Liz

Schools: Eliot Hine Middle School

Why TRDC?: As an elementary school student, it was an after school running club that first taught me self-confidence, dedication, and girl power. Our practices were not just about running laps, but dove into discussions of healthy relationships, body image, mental health, and many other topics that soon-to-be adolescents truly needed to hear. These seasons spurred my lifelong love of running, but also showed me the important life lessons that teams can instill in youth. Throughout high school and college, I continued to find close knit and welcoming communities in my running teams. I hope to transfer the same invaluable lessons I learned as a young runner to the students with whom I work this year, while providing the positivity and encouragement that my coaches gave to me.

Fun Fact: The first marathon I ever ran was totally by accident. While studying abroad in Paris, my host family asked me on my very first day if I would run the Paris marathon with them the following morning. I didn’t want to disappoint them and start the semester off on a bad foot, so without any training I somehow managed to run the 26.2 miles with my host mom and dad!


Coach Taylor

School: Browne Education Campus

Why TRDC?:

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Coach Kayla

School: Columbia Heights Education Campus

Why TRDC?: I grew up playing a multitude of team sports, but as I began college I faced the reality of no longer identifying as a competitive athlete. Being an easily accessible form of physical activity, I turned to running. This soon became my gateway to healing both the mind and the body. Running has instilled in me a sense of mental resilience and self-awareness, and it has allowed me to develop the skills and motivation needed to lead a fulfilling life. As a TRDC coach, I wish to empower youth to discover their passions and become confident leaders as they move through their own journey in life. 

Fun Fact: I had guinea pigs, rats, ferrets, tarantulas, and parakeets as pets when I was growing up.


Coach Adiam

Schools: KIPP WILL PCS & Browne Education Campus

Why TRDC?: During my senior year of high school, I myself was in Teens Run DC and I remember being at Saturday practices and after school practices. I remember feeling safe and felt like I had a family who would help me be more confident and it made me feel like I fit in somewhere. Running allowed me to build my self-esteem and I hope to do the same. As a coach now I want to give back the same level of support that I had received from Teens Run DC. I believe in the mission that teens Run has and I want to be part of that mission that is why I have chosen Teens Run. I believe that children should have a safe environment to grow and develop and Teens Run can provide that. Running is not only able to keep a child physically fit and healthy, but it provides valuable development as they develop into their adulthood they will have better concentration for academic work, confidence, skills, and, they will learn what it’s like to work towards a common goal with a team and as an individual. I hope that I can provide the necessary skills the child needs to reach their goals that is why I chose Teens Run DC because it is a nonprofit that focuses on the development of children.

Fun Fact: I speak two languages one Tigrinya and the other Amharic. I have a cat named Daisy. 


Coach Bryan


Why TRDC?: Running has been one of the great joys of my life and I hope that sharing my passion with kids can help them develop skills and an inner dialogue that promotes self-confidence, good humor, and their authenticity. Throughout my years as a runner, I have learned that everyone has a different force within them that motivates them- some want to win the gold, some want to go exploring, some want to play a game of capture the flag, some want to get in shape. As these kids begin to develop into adults, I want them to leave TRDC with a sense of belonging and knowing what drives them.

Fun Fact: I do Obama impressions.


Coach Justin

School: Center City PCS Brightwood

Why TRDC?: I have been involved with sports my whole life. Whether it be basketball, lacrosse, football, and track. I truly believe that sports can help teach the youth about personal commitment, teamwork, and self-confidence. I became involved with Teens Run DC because I want to make a true impact on the youth, to help them become their best selves and have the confidence to show the world who they are and they can make a positive impact in whatever they choose to do in life!

Fun Fact: I’ve played lacrosse at Howard University, and have a dog named Bamm!