Coach Sasha

School: Center City PCS

Why TRDC?: I know how tough the preteen and teenage years can be for middle school students. Academic expectations, peer pressures, and hormonal changes are thrust upon youths all at once, making it hard to keep mental, and physical, health a priority. I certainly struggled to define myself at that age, but sports helped me find beauty, strength, determination, and courage within myself, as an athlete. That confidence spilled over into my social and academic worlds. Slowly but surely I began embracing the eccentric quirks I had been so insecure about before. As a coach with Teens Run DC I can help ensure that students start on the path of self love and self acceptance by providing them with a supportive and caring team environment, which all children need, and deserve.

Fun Fact: I love eating lemons!

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Coach Trinette

School: Kelly Miller Middle School

Why TRDC?: I understand the impact that programs such as Teen Run DC can have on the youth. As a child I was a part of a program catered to underprivileged kids and I believe if it was not for the program it is very possible that I could have chosen a different path. I want to be apart of something positive and help others chose the better path.

Fun Fact: I have a daughter with lots of energy!


Coach Zach

School: Cardozo Education Campus & Columbia Heights Education Campus

Why TRDC?: As a young athlete I was lucky enough to have terrific coaches and mentors who not only reshaped my athletic outlook and abilities, but also cultivated many lasting friendships. After experiencing the transformative power of sports, I hope to relay my positive experiences with teens all around DC.

Fun Fact: I played on my high school ping pong and chess teams.


Coach Taylor

School: Browne Education Campus


Coach Bryan


Why TRDC?: Running has been one of the great joys of my life and I hope that sharing my passion with kids can help them develop skills and an inner dialogue that promotes self-confidence, good humor, and their authenticity. Throughout my years as a runner, I have learned that everyone has a different force within them that motivates them- some want to win the gold, some want to go exploring, some want to play a game of capture the flag, some want to get in shape. As these kids begin to develop into adults, I want them to leave TRDC with a sense of belonging and knowing what drives them.

Fun Fact: