Coach Sasha

School: Center City PCS

Why TRDC?: I know how tough the preteen and teenage years can be for middle school students. Academic expectations, peer pressures, and hormonal changes are thrust upon youths all at once, making it hard to keep mental, and physical, health a priority. I certainly struggled to define myself at that age, but sports helped me find beauty, strength, determination, and courage within myself, as an athlete. That confidence spilled over into my social and academic worlds. Slowly but surely I began embracing the eccentric quirks I had been so insecure about before. As a coach with Teens Run DC I can help ensure that students start on the path of self love and self acceptance by providing them with a supportive and caring team environment, which all children need, and deserve.

Fun Fact: I love eating lemons!

yassah 5.jpg

Coach Yassah

School: Kelly Miller MS

Why TRDC?: TRDC gives me an opportunity to serve my community using my skills in athletics and teamwork.

Fun Fact: I enjoy musicals and DIY projects.


Coach Zach

School: Cardozo Education Campus & Columbia Heights Education Campus

Why TRDC?: As a young athlete I was lucky enough to have terrific coaches and mentors who not only reshaped my athletic outlook and abilities, but also cultivated many lasting friendships. After experiencing the transformative power of sports, I hope to relay my positive experiences with teens all around DC.

Fun Fact: I played on my high school ping pong and chess teams.

Coach Taylor

School: Browne Education Campus


Coach Manley

School: Eliot-Hine Middle School

Why TRDC?: The ability to provide the importance of group or team physical activity has been a goal of mine.  As previous coaches, trainers, and group fitness instructors provided tips, tricks, and healthy habits, I was able to become a well-rounded person athletically and academically.  I am hoping to instill those values of commitment, consistency, healthy competition, vision, and caring within the future of athletes or marathoners from the District of Columbia Public School system.

Fun Fact: I enjoy skiing when I get to travel and there is snow.

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Coach Romeo

School: Browne Education Campus

Why TRDC?: Before getting involved with TRDC, I was a recent college graduate from California State University Los Angeles, earning a Bachelors in Pan African Studies with the aspiration to work amongst underserved communities. Right after, I moved to Washington D.C. to attend graduate school at Howard University, receiving a Masters Degree in Social Work with a focus in Criminal Justice. As a Graduate student, I was seeking to obtain a job that worked around my career interests. As I was introduced to TRDC, I realized how collectively engaging the organization was with underserved communities. I couldn’t help but to get involved and participate with TRDC to work amongst a community for our children.

Fun Fact: My birthday is on holiday where the whole world comes together and celebrates. New Years Day!