2017-18 Impact


Fostering Strong Mentoring Relationships Throughout DC

Teens Run DC initiates individual mentor-mentee relationships during its Saturday distance running program. Mentor-mentee pairings were in contact at a total of 31 Saturday practice sessions and engaged in a total of 30 hours of non-practice contact. 

Promoting Physical Health Across the District

Through participation in afterschool Run Club, Saturday practices, and community races, The majority of TRDC students were able to run one mile more quickly by the end of the year than they had been able to at the start of the year. On average, students improved their one-mile time by approximately two minutes.

Furthermore, participants report some form of physical activity, on average, 15 or more days per month.


Empowering Youth Through a Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Approach

The majority of TRDC students reported feeling more connected to their future selves, their friends, their teachers, and their school in post-tests than they indicated in pre-tests at the start of the year. Given the risk level of the population served, this is critical. Engaging youth in the TRDC program earlier in their lives and in their academic careers may help to strengthen perceptions of themselves and others that can maximize the likelihood these young people will achieve greater health and lifelong success.