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    Our Cause

    OUR RACES: MCM | Mentoring Matters 5K | Create Your Own Race

    Partner with Teens Run DC for your next race and get inspired! Gain the satisfaction of supporting our youth and sharing in our vision. Become a part of our community, and let’s together create great opportunities for DC youth.

    Our Program: Teens Run DC seeks to improve the social, emotional, and physical health of low-income, underserved youth. Our mentoring, life skills training, and distance running program builds self-confidence and a sense of belonging, and teaches goal-setting skills to youth in the face of ongoing struggles. All youth (and all people) want and need to be seen and valued, to belong, and to achieve big things. TRDC creates a community where youth take charge of their lives, and students and volunteers share in building a warm and welcoming community for participants of all ability levels.

    Our Impact: Ongoing program evaluation by the Center for Health and Health Care in the Schools within George Washington University’s Milken School of Public Health shows that youth in TRDC improve cardiovascular fitness; experience a greater sense of connectedness to school, teachers, and peers; have a stronger belief in their ability to achieve their goals, and a stronger sense of hope for the future than non-participants.

    “After the 8k, I wanted to let you both know that this has been a wonderful experience for our son, and by extension, for our family. Our experience has been a true realization of your mission statement. Our son has been coming into his own in a profound way during this first year of high school, and the role you are playing in his maturation is unmistakable. I was on my way to tell you this in person after the race, but got all emotional thinking about the positive impact TRDC is having on oue son that I had to abort for fear of making a scene.” – Parent of one of our students

    “I used to believe that I could not achieve anything and with the help of Teens Run DC, it made me believe I can do anything.” – DC Student at Ballou High School